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Time passes! Alma and Peter Nilssons 
Jamie has got 8 pups on 1st of August.
Trial this year: Greta and Yang 4 trials in August and 2 trials in september; all on Gotland.
Greta is fully recovered from her accidents, so since this spring she is working a lot at our farm.
That makes her happy!

Greta and Yang got their 6 pups on June 11
th .
Greta is a calm and good mother.
The pups are all sold to good farms, where they are going to be family members and working dogs,
mostly on sheep but also on cattle. I will keep one dog, who is going to be sold trained.
New .... Pictures here.

Trialling this year?? Yes in August on Gotland, our island. I will not be out on trials much this year.

This year we have not been trialling much.
Greta had another accident in april; run into a bathtube on a training field and after that she was limping now and then.
In october she was repaired and in december she could start working a bit again.
Alma has started 2 trials and she is so nice in her work!

1 dec
Greta on YouTube

8 nov
Greta is fine in her paw now! She has started her training againg, so happy!
Megan is CEA gentested and she is "Normal".

Sally was in the middle of the result field in Swedish Championship.
Alma has passed her first trial, and on the second day she was best in her class!

30 sept
Greta had an accident with her paw in June. One bone was broken, and in August she went to an orthopedist in Stockholm.
Now after 8 weeks in lead, she seems to be able to be OK, but no running for several weeks.
This weekend Sally will start the Swedish Championship for her third time.

29 april
Now we have CEA gentested Pandy Sweep, Botvidehunden Sally and Botvidehunden Yang.
All three are "Normal".
Pups: Yang and Megan has 4 pups born March 25. Lovely, yes!

News 2008
29 sept
Greta has passed her first trial! It was a difficult thing... with 13 dogs, and only 2 of them passed!
Sally was winner 28th sept in Open, lost 9 points.

30 aug.
As usual my dogs are helping me on the farm. Sometimes we go trialling, and 2008 Sally has been at Swedish Cup again.
2008 the Swedish Cup was a 2 days trial with double fetch and sorting (?). Sally placed 18 but her fetch was better than the winner Carl-Magnus Magnusson and Roy. That makes me happy! We are going to so few trials!
This year maybe Greta is running her first trial. Greta is going to be a winner.
Sally (& Sweep) had a litter of pups this spring, 6 pups. I have kept Alma.

News 2007
18 sept
Sally did a good run and placed number 15 in the Swedish Cup yesterday.
I am so pleased with her!

10 sept
Both Sally and Yang are going to the Swedish Championship.
Sally is also qualified to The Swedish Cup (with the 30 best dogs in Sweden) next weekend.

9 aug
Sally has got her first cert (3 certs will be Herding champion)
Yang and Sally have been trialling again with success
and now I think both will go to the Swedish Championship in October!
Greta shows good moves among the sheep now! Walks nicely forward and
her flanks are natural! She is very interested as usual!

2 July
Yang and Sally have been trialling at Breviksnas again. 4 trials in 3 days. Top handlers from Norway and Sweden were there, and my dogs really showed their capacity on the hard trials fields. The missing points were all my faults...
This week I will start my two young dogs Ester and Morks training. Greta is going to try some sheep too!

6 June
Yang and Sally have been to the first trial of the year; in the Swedish mainland (Breviksnas).
On the sunday Sally was very successful and was placed number 9. Good Girl!
Greta is very upset at the pups clinic. There are several pups there who are staring at her
and she does not like it at all. So we are training self confidence among other dogs at the moment.

22 april
The movie where Gretas parents Tegwen and Gwyn work sheep.

30 march
Spring is coming, and all the lambs. Greta is growing, at the moment she is 9.8 kilos,
and she is a clever pup. Very easy to handle, a good listener and very keen.
She is very interested in the sheep, so I have started her a little already.
Greta shows good abilities, and is very brave.

25 feb
Now we have started the training, and all the dogs really like it!
Greta has already showed her abilities, fetching 5 gimbers 20 yards away.
That was not the meaning, but she is a keen one, and she did it as the brave little girl she is!

29 jan
Greta came with SAS 26th januari. It was a happy, calm and clever pup,
just 9 weeks old, who I fetched at the airport in the middle of the night.
Deb has made an excellent work breeding this pup! Greta i social, brave and...does her toilet needs outdoors in the cold snow without hesitating! Gretas page

10 jan
In some weeks I am going to fetch Greta, my new pup.
She comes from Deb.Jones in Wales

Greta 6 weeks old and her mother Tegwen

News 2006
22 dec
This year has been very sucessful with my dogs. Both Sally and Yang has been trialling several times. Sally has been in top ten almost on every Open trial!
Yang is just the dog you want, this is his second year on the trials field, and he is wonderful to work with. He will beat his mother soon.
Yang is class winner both in novice and open class this year in Gotland.
Yang had a litter of pups with Megan in October. They are looking great. All of them are sold to farms, wherer they are going to work sheep or cattle, and all the families really love them.
In January 2007 I will get a new pup from Deb.Jones in Wales

10 May
Now we have got 80 ewes and 110 lambs on the farm. Sally had a litter of pups last winter (Sweep is the father), and we have kept Ester. She is a nice lady and has started to be interested in the sheep.
Yang and Sally went to this years first trial in the Swedish mainland last week. Yang was very successful in Open Class and lost NO points in the fetch! A good start of the year!

News 2005

12 october 2005
This year has been very successful with my dogs. Last winter Megan had pups with Sweep and there were 4 bitch pups. Two of them are sold to the Swedish mainland och the others are on Gotland. I have kept one, called Sara.
On the trials fields Sally has been very successful, she came to the Swedish championship and placed number 29 of 41 dogs. Her son Yang has been trialling just a few times, and he was ranked to Young Dog´s Cup, where he placed himself 5, just 4 points from the winner.
Sweep and Megan have also been trialling with some success, but no top results.
Sweep has mated Sally and a new litter of pups will hopefully be born in December.

16 november
Pictures from Wales here with Swedish text...

16 september
The travel to Wales was lovely! We went trialling during 6 days and went to 9 different trials. Sally won money on 2 of them! She was third on one and 4th on another and 7th at a big Open trial (90 triallers) where they also had a show with thousands of people visiting. I will write more about the Wales visit further on!

Pandy Sweep went better and better during the days and Megan made some good starts too! This is not the last time we will go over west!

2 august
My friend Marianne and I are going to Wales for trialling and training this month. We are going to spend the time with I.B. Jones, Capel Bangor, and we will also visit Glyn Jones in Bodfari.
Sally, Pandy Sweep and Megan (from Bodfari) are going with me, and Marianne will bring her bitch Qiza with her.

8 januari
I am planning to go to Wales for training and trialling in August.
Sally, Megan and Sweep are now rabies vaccinated.


18 september
More trials. Sweep was very good at Open Trial in Norrkoping on 12th of september. He was number 6 of about 50 starters.
31 august
Sweep has been trialling open class 4 times and he has got second price 3 times and first price 1 time. Megan has been very successful too, and she also has got her first price in open class.

20 July
I went to the Swedish mainland to a trial this weekend. Sweep passed the Local Trial on very hard sheep. He got the best result on the Sunday.
Megan got second price both days in Open Class.

9 July

Sally and Sweep have got their 7 pups now. More about that on Puppies Page

20 June

This week we have been to a very good clinic with Karl-Erik Tibblin. We were 5 women and 7 dogs, and we made trialling training. Karl-Erik is one of the judges in the Swedish Sheepdog Club.

15 June
Sally is checked with ultrasound and she has 7 pups. They will be born at 10th July.
Pandy Sweep made them!

29 May
Now you can read my homepage in english.
Interested in pedigrees?
Look at Pandy Sweeps ISDS (pdf) Pedigree!
Several links on links page.

23 May
On the pedigrees of my dogs you can see several pictures.
In the end of April, I went to Wales to pick up my new dog Pandy Sweep.
He was born in Februari 2002.
Sweep is trained by  I.B.Jones, Capel Bangor, Aberystwyth.

9-11 maj
The first trial for the year on Gotland!
115 dogs from the whole Sweden trialled on Local Trial, Open Class and Winners Class on sheep. You can fin the results on Vallreg.
Sally was number 6 on her first Winners Class with 80 points!